Dont let the wins slip away in Fruit Shop - Christmas Edition

Dont let the wins slip away in Fruit Shop - Christmas Edition

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Worst of all was Back Butler Street , although even in those circumstances Florence kept a good house and the fumigation crew never descended on the Crabtree household.

Hilda was educated at St. Joseph's Elementary School and left at fifteen, entering the working world just as war broke out in Europe.

At seventeen, Hilda spent a week working in the office at Spencers, the funeral director. There, she enjoyed the company of a ginger-haired lad who fancied her and was always playing tricks.

For most of the war she worked in a munitions factory, while living with her parents in Kitchener Street , but still found the time to have fun with her friends Daisy Shaw , Mollie Lancaster , and Maureen Hegerty , and even had a romance with American GI Ralph Curtis.

On one night in , after helping her inebriated Army boyfriend Harry Battersby home following an evening's drinking at the Tripe Dressers Arms , the lights went out, stranding Hilda a mile from home.

Racing to the nearest shelter in Crimea Street , Hilda passed the Co-op where she tripped over what she took to be a bundle of clothes - until it started moving, and Hilda found herself entangled with a beer-sodden tramp.

Stanley Ogden had just left the Docker's Arms after winning the pint drinking contest for the fifth year running and was recuperating in a heap when Hilda fell over him.

Though he'd taken a kick in the stomach, Stan helped the mystery woman to her feet, and Hilda reciprocated, getting a darkened glimpse of a man who had a look of Clark Gable about him.

After limping along to the shelter, Hilda was thrilled to see Stan trailing her - but as the light hit him, he looked more English lout than Hollywood superstar.

Even so, Hilda's head had been turned, and she spent the night in the shelter talking away to him. Six short days later, the star-crossed lovers were married.

After the ceremony, the couple headed for the Spinners' Arms , where Stan resumed his pint, and their reception took place.

Best man Bernie Sparks saved the day by proposing to Joan himself. Their first night of married bliss was barely behind them when the military police knocked on the door to arrest Stan for over-staying his four-day leave.

The Ogden marriage had begun in earnest. On marrying Stan, Hilda moved into his parents' house in Mare Street. Mary Ogden approved of her, and, when Hilda announced her pregnancy, she pampered her daughter-in-law.

Hilda then found that she wasn't pregnant after all, but didn't tell Mary, who threw Hilda out when she discovered the truth.

Hilda rented 17 Charles Street and waited for her Stan to come home. While working with the Army, Stan gained an HGV licence and after being demobbed, he became a long-distance lorry driver, stopping by Weatherfield so rarely that it was as if he'd never returned from the war.

Hilda became a career cleaner, supporting single-handedly a family that seemed to gain an extra member whenever Stan visited; eldest, Freda , born in , was followed by Dudley , Tony , and Sylvia.

Hilda's faith in her husband never wavered, but he didn't send on enough money for the family to get by, and they often had no money for rent, resulting in many a moonlight flit.

Hilda coped gamely on her own with Freda and Dudley, but Tony and Sylvia were mentally retarded, and with the extra problem of Stan being drunk and violent to her and the kids whenever he was around, Hilda was relieved when their younger children were taken off them and placed in a home.

By the s , Hilda was sick of having a long-distance husband and demanded that Stan give up his job or she'd leave him.

Meanwhile, Freda decided she'd had enough of her parents and, at seventeen, she left their Chapel Street home to live in a flat over a pie shop with barmaid Marion Black , got a job at the Corner Shop in Coronation Street , and changed her name to Irma.

Estrangement from Freda encouraged Hilda to make good on her threat to Stan, and after a brief separation he gave in and agreed to get a local job and unite the Ogdens under one roof.

Hilda and Stan join Irma in Coronation Street. Hilda loved the house and quickly found a job as cleaner at the Rovers Return , but regular work eluded Stan, and Irma soon regretted giving up her independence to live with her parents again.

However, it was Dudley now called Trevor who left the family home first; while the Street residents were evacuated to the mission cellar during a bomb scare, the fifteen-year-old stole from the houses and ran off to London.

Due to their shame, Stan and Hilda took no steps to trace him, although Hilda laid into Stan for being such a poor father figure and role model.

With a wall between them, Irma's relationship with her parents improved. The only problem now was Stan. By turn a milkman, ice cream vendor, chauffeur, wrestler, and waste paper businessman, Stan failed in every line of work he entered.

Stan was willing to try his hand at anything that promised to make him rich with little effort, but his total resistance to hard graft meant that he never lasted long.

Hilda often had to nag him out to work, even if he usually only made it as far as the Rovers, which had become his second home.

With Stan's bone-idleness, and Hilda's assumed position as the Street gossip, the Ogdens were treated like a joke by the neighbours, and they struggled to make friends.

After a while, Hilda began to fear she'd spend the rest of her life skivvying and, looking to the recent engagement of Elsie Tanner - a woman she disparaged in public - began to envy her eventful, exciting life, and became depressed and vague.

While on a visit to her cousins', Hilda went missing. As she had the club outing money with her, Stan thought it was a pre-planned flit and that a man was involved, but after a week's absence Hilda was found on the Pier head in Liverpool in a confused state, having suffered a nervous breakdown.

Doctor McKenzie diagnosed paranoid psychosis, attributed to jealousy over Elsie. Although Hilda didn't remember anything when she woke, Stan came through for her in the ensuing weeks, being the attentive husband he'd never been.

In January , Hilda developed a platonic friendship with George Greenwood , keeper of Oakenshaw Park where she often went for a walk.

George showed Hilda his workhut and introduced her to his budgie, Winston, and even gave her her own budgie, which she called Mabel and kept in the hut with Winston.

Though there was nothing untoward about their meetings, Hilda felt that she was somehow betraying Stan, and told George she couldn't see him again. Unbeknown to Hilda, Stan had been notified that they were seeing each other by George's wife Agnes , and advised to make the most of Hilda's guilt by getting her to spoil him.

Hilda is upset as Irma flies the nest. A few months later, David and Irma decided to emigrate to Australia so that David could relaunch his football career there.

Hilda was so distraught at losing Irma that she proposed that she and Stan move there too, but Stan's absolute refusal to leave England caused her to back down.

A small consolation came seven months later, when the Barlows announced the birth of Darren , Hilda and Stan's first grandson. Hilda was so approving that she agreed to help out, taking responsibility for Stan's lady customers who might take a fancy to him.

One woman in particular was Clara Regan of 19 Inkerman Street , whose affair with Stan was the worst kept secret in Weatherfield.

Hilda believed Stan was faithful, and soon left his business to him, but Stan servicing 19 Inkerman Street's windows was the punchline of many a joke from the likes of Ray Langton and Billy Walker for years to come.

The Ogdens continued to struggle financially. In , Stan traded in his round for a car park attendant's position, and early in Hilda took on an extra cleaning job at Alan Howard's Salon.

What is Dave Smith 's interest in Irma? Hilda tries to protect her daughter. A few months later, Ken Barlow broke the news that Irma, David and Darren had been involved in a car crash.

Irma was treated for shock but was otherwise fine, however both her husband and son died from their injuries. A week later, Hilda and Irma returned to the UK, by which time the Ogdens had received enough money from well-wishers to pay Dave back.

However, in a misguided gesture of love for his daughter, Stan used the money to buy Irma into the Corner Shop. In the wake of David and Darren's deaths, Irma acted out in odd ways, and at one point dated Dave Smith.

When Hilda objected, Stan informed her that as security for the loan, he'd signed their house over to Dave, and so she'd better not upset him.

That, plus the prospect of having a wealthy son-in-law caused Hilda to change her tune, but in any case Irma and Dave's relationship was casual and mostly for show.

Hilda enjoyed having Irma back in the Street and she would often linger in the shop to complain about Stan or eavesdrop on conversations.

Irma remained in the Street until December , when she moved to Llandudno and sold her share in the shop. In July that year, Hilda was reunited with her old friend George Greenwood, who was on the judging panel at the Community Centre flower show.

Thinking they were bound to win, Stan stole an orchid from the park and passed it off as theirs - but George immediately recognised one from his collection, much to Hilda's shame.

Stan unveils the serving hatch to a thrilled Hilda. Much derided by the neighbours, Hilda yearned to be envied by them. In August , she took delivery of a colour television set, and spent the next week enthusing about it to all and sundry before it was repossessed by the rental company all the while failing to notice everyone's total disinterest.

The following month, while Hilda was away, Stan made a serving hatch. It was too big and on the wrong wall, but finally No. In April , after two years working for Fairclough and Langton , Stan returned to the lorries, but after a crash put him in hospital, Hilda decided his days of lorry driving were over and made him start up his window cleaning round again.

Meanwhile, with the Ogdens feeling the pinch, Hilda took on additional work - alongside her job at the Rovers, she cleaned the Betting Shop as well as Benny Lewis 's flat and The Capricorn nightclub, where she also did the washing up.

With Hilda doing so much, Stan felt free to retire - but Hilda wasn't going to let him off that lightly, and made him do all of the housework.

Stan actually showed promise early on but within days Alan Howard sacked Hilda from the Capricorn for gossiping about him and Rita Littlewood , and normal service was resumed.

Hilda and Stan get a cool reception when they turn up on Trevor and Polly 's doorstep. A year later, the Ogdens celebrated their pearl wedding anniversary with a party at No.

As Hilda lorded it over the neighbours, gloating to Betty Turpin about Elsie Howard's recent family troubles, Betty snappily reminded her of her estrangement from Trevor.

Betty's comments hit home; letting Trevor slip away was one of Hilda's biggest regrets. Stan still held a grudge against his son, but Hilda was determined to track him down.

Using a letter sent to them by Trevor two years earlier, the Ogdens found Trevor living in a detached house in Avondale Avenue, Chesterfield , having worked his way up from a wood yard to become an estate agent.

Now the husband of Polly and father of Damian , Trevor was embarrassed by his parents and warned Polly that they would try to sponge off them.

Hopeful of building a relationship with the family, Hilda put on a front, trying not to appear common, but Stan showed only contempt for Trevor, and when Polly let slip that Trevor had told her that his parents were dead, Hilda was so upset that she and Stan left.

Afterwards, Trevor occasionally let the Ogdens see Damian, at his and Polly's convenience. Given a trial by Len Fairclough , Hilda ordered Stan to come in as a customer, carefully planning a scene which would show Rita how efficient she was, but Stan spent the money in the Rovers instead and rolled up to the Kabin blind drunk, where he giggled and said he'd forgotten what Hilda told him to say.

In the end, Lucille Hewitt got the job. In desperate need of a break, Hilda took a six-week cleaning job on a cruise ship, the Monte Umber. Not long after she returned, the Ogdens were offered a caretakership at the Community Centre , a post they'd previously applied for but lost out to Gertie Robson.

Thinking their luck was finally changing, Hilda quit the Rovers and sold No. The Ogdens called off the deal with Jimmy, and Hilda wept as her dreams were shattered once again - although she managed to get her Rovers job back with a pay rise.

Now in her fifties, Hilda was worn out and increasingly dissatisfied with No. As the s wore on, the Ogdens' usual troubles were exacerbated by economic recession and Stan's failing health - which meant that Hilda had to work even more.

In , Stan became so ill that he went off beer and, forced out to work by Hilda who thought he was trying to skive, he collapsed in the street.

Hilda shows off her "muriel" to Annie Walker and Bet Lynch. Newly released from Walton Jail , Eddie Yeats vowed never to return and kept his nose clean.

Lazy and workshy, he found a kindred spirit in Stan, and frequently called at No. In July , he offered to help Hilda decorate No.

However, half of the wallpaper Eddie brought faded with only three walls covered. For the last wall, after a few suggestions which Hilda rejected, Eddie supplied a special wallpaper which created a mural of the Canadian Rockies.

The "muriel" was everything Hilda wanted - looking at it, she could imagine herself in more picturesque surroundings, and as no one else had one, No.

She immediately fell in love with it. Towards the end of the year, Hilda fell into a slump again. In October , when swerving her car to avoid hitting a dog, Annie Walker slammed into Stan's cart, putting him out of work again until a sympathetic Len, Ray and Terry Bradshaw made him a new one.

A few weeks later, Hilda's missing red mac turned up on a bonfire guy which two young boys were pushing around. When they came into the Rovers, the regulars noticed Hilda's mac and roared with laughter, humiliating her.

To cheer his wife up, Stan bought the mac back from the boys for 10p, but Hilda refused to wear it and decided to treat herself to a new one.

Dipping into her Christmas money, Hilda was furious to find that Stan had already taken half of it. At the end of her tether, she launched into a tirade at Stan, telling him she wished she'd never met him, and threw him out.

Hilda fetches Stan from Norman 's chip shop, fearing Edie Blundell has designs on him. After a few hours, Hilda calmed down and awaited her husband's return.

However, days went by with no sign of him. After a week, Hilda started to fear the worst and confided in Annie, who rang the police to report him missing.

Her fears were put to rest when her brother Norman called round to complain about Stan imposing on him at his Oakhill chip shop. With Hilda refusing to beg Stan to return, and Stan being looked after by assistant Edie Blundell , Eddie decided to intervene but inadvertently made matters worse by telling Stan that Hilda wanted an apology from him; Hilda's outburst had hurt Stan deeply and he felt that he was owed an apology.

After hearing about Edie, Hilda went to fetch Stan herself, and got into a slanging match with Edie and Norman, with Stan stepping up to defend his wife.

Thrown out of the shop by Norman, the Ogdens realised that, for better or worse, they belonged together, and life at No.

In May , Hilda was taken on as cleaner at the recently-opened Baldwin's Casuals , working evenings. Out of curiosity, Hilda had a go on one of the sewing machines and, discovering a knack for it, made herself denim cleaning mittens from off-cuts after finishing her cleaning duties.

Thinking she was onto a winner, Eddie persuaded Hilda to go into partnership with him making curtains, with Eddie supplying the material, but Mike Baldwin soon caught her making curtains on his time and put a stop to it.

The extra wage made life a little easier for the Ogdens, and Hilda was excited at the thought that they might be able to afford to move.

When the Langtons left the street, Hilda wanted to buy No. Hilda and Ralph Curtis jive. In May , Hilda received a letter from her American flame, Ralph Curtis, who was in the country and wanted to meet up with her.

Hilda was unsure about seeing him again as it had been so long, but Renee Roberts pushed her into calling his hotel from the Corner Shop , and he arranged to visit the house.

Once Ralph arrived, time fell away and Hilda enjoyed his visit immensely. With the same boundless energy and enthusiasm she remembered, Ralph was quite a contrast to Stan and Hilda couldn't help wondering what might have been.

Hilda was used to working without support or solidarity. When she asked for a new broom for her factory work, Mike accused Hilda of cutting up her broom and sacked her.

Hilda was stunned when Ivy Tilsley led the girls out on strike in sympathy, a strike not backed by the union due to Hilda not being a member.

Surprisingly, Hilda herself wasn't bothered by the sacking and walked into a new job cleaning the offices at the abbatoir, leaving the picket line to work.

However, when Mike backed down and agreed to reinstate her, Hilda quit her new job for fear of what the girls would do if they knew.

Two years later, Hilda was the source of another factory row. Thrown out of the pools syndicate by Vera Duckworth for missing a week, Hilda got revenge by copying the winning pools numbers onto the factory girls' copy, to make Vera think she'd won a little money.

However, she messed up and the factory girls celebrated a win of thousands. Hilda was too afraid to tell the girls the truth, but confessed to Mike when the girls found out they hadn't won and blamed the error on Martin Cheveski.

Eager for a peaceful solution, Mike broke the news to the girls and threatened to fire anyone who touched Hilda.

The girls responded by sending Hilda to Coventry, leaving Mike with no choice but to sack her. The situation upset Hilda so much that she went to stay with Trevor for a while.

In her absence, Vera exacted revenge by tipping off Johnny Webb 's wife Maureen Webb that Hilda was her husband's mistress in reality, Stan was letting him lodge at No.

Maureen had a public slanging match with Hilda, but backed down when she saw the size of Stan. Eddie Yeats lived with Hilda and Stan from to Hilda bounced back from the factory fiasco by getting a job cleaning No.

As a Christmas treat for herself, she hired Mrs Palin as a regular cleaner for No. She carried on working for the Faircloughs until September , when she got an interview for a cleaning job at a businessman's flat , which turned out to be Mike's.

Mike took Hilda on, feeling that she was honest and trustworthy. On her first day, Hilda accidentally set off the burglar alarm, attracting the attention of a police officer, who questioned Hilda and sent for Mike.

Hilda was relieved when Mike laughed it off. After visiting her brother Archie's plush new home, Hilda's thirst for a change of scenery was reawakened, and she began looking at show homes.

Stan too fancied a change; with another harsh winter coming up, Stan put his round up for sale and decided to take early retirement, only for Hilda to answer the ad planning to buy the round for Stan and read him the riot act!

In October , Hilda realised a long-held ambition to clean a big house when she was taken on by Doctor and Mrs Lowther at Goldenhurst , Oakfield Drive.

Finding the house and the owners a delight, Hilda didn't mind the extra work. Hilda was confused as Stan had been giving her money for housekeeping, but under questioning he admitted that he'd been borrowing money to hand in instead of working as was no longer able to climb ladders in bad weather.

Hilda supported Stan throughout, admiring his determination to go on working. A few months later, Hilda was saddened when her brother Archie passed away from a heart attack.

Hilda battled Avril for the shop and, after finding out Avril was having an affair with a married man which would be exposed in court, forced her to drop her claim.

Hilda opened a bank account for the first time and celebrated by booking an expensive French restaurant for a meal, threatening to strangle Stan if he ruined the evening for her.

Not understanding the French menu, the Ogdens ordered melon and sea bass and had an enjoyable time.

The year had a happy but bittersweet ending as Eddie left No. The Yeats moved to Bury just after the Ogdens celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary with a party in the Rovers select.

In , Stan turned sixty-five and started drawing his pension. For health reasons, he had given up work a few months earlier, and by the latter half of the year he was permanently bed-ridden.

Hilda was run ragged looking after him, collapsing at home, and later broke down at No. In November , Doctor Meakin arranged for an ambulance to take Stan into hospital for tests.

He'd been there for a few days when the hospital phoned Hilda, via the Corner Shop, to tell her that Stan had died. The neighbours rallied round Hilda in the wake of Stan's death, with Trevor arriving to support her at the funeral.

Although Trevor suggested a cheap cremation, Hilda insisted on a burial as she wanted a plot with room for her when she died. After being strong for Stan at the funeral, Hilda mourned for her husband privately, the grief and loss hitting her as she looked through Stan's effects from the hospital.

Since moving in, she'd been against having lodgers, but the quietness plus fond memories of Eddie saw her reverse her position.

Terry Duckworth stayed at No. Shortly after he moved in, Hilda found out from Curly Watts that Henry was actually unemployed; Henry admitted that he couldn't get a work as he was known by the unions as a strike breaker.

He offered to leave, but Hilda felt sorry for him and got Mike to give him a job as a van driver at the factory.

However, the girls soon found out he was a blackleg and threatened to walk out. Mike ignored the threat but Henry took their comments to heart and resigned, leaving his lodgings at the same time.

Hilda was upset to see Henry go as she'd enjoyed his company. In July , Hilda was targetted by corrupt builder Les Pringle.

When Alf Roberts decided to modernise the Corner Shop, he planned the expansion with Les, and asked Hilda if she'd be willing to sell him No.

However, the guilt preyed on her mind and before the sale went through she told Alf about the roof. Inspecting it, Alf discovered the roof was fine and pulled out for Hilda's sake.

That summer, Kevin Webster left his lodgings at No. Kevin found Hilda more fun and easygoing, while Hilda found Kevin polite and respectable, so they got on well.

However, they had a minor falling out when Kevin started dating Sally Seddon ; Hilda knew the Seddons were a rough family and asked Terry and Curly to get Kevin away from Sally, but after a few months she accepted that Sally wasn't like her parents and even took her in when she discovered her father Eddie Seddon was abusive and took all of her earnings.

Later that year, Kevin and Sally got married and moved into the Corner Shop flat. Hilda met and started a friendship with Sally's uncle Tom Hopwood.

In , Tom decided to retire and asked Hilda to marry him and move to a bungalow in Formby with him. Hilda was stunned by the proposal, as she'd only ever seen Tom as a friend, and as such she told him she couldn't marry him; she was still Stan's wife, even in death.

On Christmas Day , the residents say a fond farewell to Hilda. In November , Mike sacked Hilda when she tried to advise him about his and Susan 's marriage breakup.

At the same time, the Lowthers decided to retire to Hartington , much to Hilda's disappointment, although Joan Lowther offered to recommend Hilda as a cleaner to the house's new owners.

While they were packing, Hilda and Joan were attacked by burglars and Joan received a bump on the head. Although Hilda made a full recovery physically, Joan died from her injuries, and a stunned Hilda became withdrawn and afraid to be in her own home.

Lowther decided not to change his plans to retire, and asked Hilda to keep house for him and live in a flat attached to the cottage.

Hilda immediately accepted, and started planning her move away from Coronation Street after 23 years, selling No. Calling to say goodbye at the Rovers, she was thrilled to find a surprise party waiting for her, showing Hilda how loved she was in Coronation Street when she thought they'd be glad to see the back of her.

Hilda's only subsequent visit to Coronation Street was in , when she called in at the Rovers on her way to Stan's grave. She was disappointed when no one was around to see her arrive in style in a taxi, but milked every moment when her former neighbours listened keenly as she revealed the latest developments in her life, including a proposal of marriage by Dr.

Lowther - although, of course, she left them guessing what her answer would be. Later, at Stan's grave, Hilda told her late husband that she wouldn't be marrying Dr.

Lowther and she would always remain an Ogden. Between and , Dr Lowther died, leaving his house to Hilda. As of , Hilda still lived in Derbyshire , where she occasionally received a visit from Betty Williams.

On one such visit, Hilda and Betty reminisced about their old friends and neighbours in Coronation Street. As Betty reported the latest goings-on, Hilda listened eagerly; over ten years and many miles removed from her old life, she was still the same old Hilda Ogden of number thirteen.

Hilda was a tough working-class Northern woman. A loyal wife, she spent four decades working herself to the bone to make up for Stan 's shortcomings.

Hilda's life was about somehow making ends meet in a world which seemed to have it in for the Ogdens. She was a naturally boisterous woman; fun and outgoing, she spent all her spare pennies on brightening up her life.

She was also wistful, talking constantly about her hopes and dreams with genuine enthusiasm - until she looked at Stan and was brought back to grim reality.

Though immensely unlucky, the Ogdens' misfortunes couldn't be wholly blamed on that; more often, it was Stan's idiocy or Hilda's gossiping that was to blame.

The local busybody, Hilda knew everything about everyone, and spread the latest news with relish, particularly to those who would not enjoy hearing it.

Hilda used gossip to pour scorn on people such as Elsie Tanner , reminding people of the more scandalous moments from their past at the least opportune moments in order to judge and hurt.

She also delivered news like a brick; for example, when the police were about to inform Emily Bishop that her husband Ernie had been seriously injured by a shotgun blast, Hilda insensitively but innocently blurted out "she's the wife!

Hilda's attempts to stir things up were always seen for what they were, earning her little to no friends in the Street and making her the object of ridicule.

However, Hilda herself denied being a gossip and claimed to be the soul of discretion. She knew her limits, and chose her battles.

When she had a beef with someone, Hilda was similarly unsubtle, hurling accusations with a voice that could shatter glass, but was always easily put in her place with a quip from her more restrained opponent.

Even so, she managed to avoid being completely alienated from her neighbours, as her pettiness was seen as non-threatening and many felt sorry for her and Stan.

Hilda's judgementalism hid a deep envy of her neighbours, and she was desperate to be seen as just as good as the rest. She took any opportunity to show off, and would often fake an understanding of art or culture in a transparent attempt to earn their admiration, and in a similar vein, she often made malapropisms resulting in much hilarity.

She also had an old-fashioned moral code, believing strongly that only married couples should have sex.

Hilda was a short woman with a thin, sparrow-like frame. For most of the day, she totted about Coronation Street in her old red later blue mackintosh, clad in the same pinny and green headscarf she worked in, with her hair in rollers.

For evenings, she took her rollers out, with just a dab of lipstick. Norman Crabtree with his sister Hilda. Hilda had great affection for her family and upbringing, and would sometimes refer to herself as a Crabtree.

However, references and visits to individual family members were rarer. As adults, Hilda and her brothers Norman and Archie lived a stone's throw from each other in Weatherfield but all led separate and very different lives.

With his own chip shop in Oakhill , Norman was the most successful. His only interaction with Hilda during her time in Coronation Street was in , when Stan took root in the shop after a row with Hilda.

Annoyed at being involved, Norman tried to get Stan and Hilda back together - but more for his own sake than theirs. Hilda seemed closer to Archie.

His only visit to 13 Coronation Street was in May , while Stan was in hospital. With his beer belly and laziness, Archie could more easily pass as Stan's brother than Hilda's, and for three weeks, Archie filled Stan's void in Hilda's life.

Archie built a porch for Hilda but it was only when they were admiring the completed porch that Jerry Booth reminded them that they would need planning permission.

The debacle ended with the mysterious disappearance of the porch, after Hilda was told by Councillor Warburton to take it down.

When news came through that Stan was due to come home, Hilda told Archie to leave, none too impressed with his suggestion that she take on another job and look after both of them.

Hilda occasionally went to visit Archie, particularly when his circumstances improved in the early s , with Archie marrying Doris and becoming the owner of Crabtree's Chip Shop.

After his death in , Hilda inherited the shop, his money, and also, sadly, his considerable debts. Hilda and Stan get ready to take on the world.

Hilda's entire life with Stan was encapsulated in their first week together in In a story she would often repeat, she fell over an inebriated Stan in a blackout, and six days later he married her - but not, as she hoped, out of romantic gallantry, but because he was on the run from the military police for being AWOL.

Hilda was raised with traditional beliefs about marriage and a wife's duty to her husband. While her total responsibility for the house and children wasn't unusual, Hilda also tried to be a loyal and obedient wife to Stan, particularly in the early years of their marriage where Stan dominated Hilda with his abusiveness and drunken rages, which Hilda once told a shocked Concepta Hewitt she didn't mind.

When a terrified Hilda told him the truth, Stan went berserk and chased her round the house. Stan was a man of simple pleasures, sending little money to Hilda and drinking the rest away.

For the family to survive, Hilda had to become everything he wasn't: When they moved to Coronation Street , it was up to Hilda to motivate her oaf of a husband out to work, and her nagging, piercing voice was enough to drive anyone out the door.

Hilda constantly criticised Stan, attributing most of their financial woes to his uselessness. However, when he showed ambition, even for something bizarre such as scrap art September or songwriting February , Hilda beamed with pride, believing in her husband's hidden talents.

Another drawback to being married to Stan was his inattentiveness. He was incapable of making a romantic gesture off his own back; the first time he sent Hilda a Valentine's card was in , when they'd been married for 38 years, and he only did so out of guilt over forgetting Hilda's birthday.

Hilda was so flabbergasted that she refused to believe it was from Stan, preferring the notion that she had a secret admirer. Stan was poor at predicting his wife's needs, particularly her need to be treated like a woman, and he often showed her up in public.

His understanding of his wife was so lacking that in , they came last place in a "Mr and Mrs" competition in the Rovers, with Stan giving three embarrassing and, to the audience, hilarious answers.

To avoid bother, Stan would often risk making matters even worse, such as in May when he burned Hilda's London cup final ticket so he wouldn't have to admit he'd sold his and couldn't get it back.

To keep up the pretext, he spent the day on a park bench, but of course Hilda found out anyway and made him paint the house as a penance. Their lowest moments came whenever Hilda caught him dipping into her hard-earned money; in December , he put all the money in the house into a previously empty fruit machine, and then unthinkingly let Eddie Yeats take it the machine away with their TV plug attached.

Just as the realisation set in, the house was plunged into darkness as the electricity meter ran out - all in all, a typical day at the Ogdens'.

However, Stan genuinely wanted to make Hilda happy, and his gestures which did work were all the more touching for their rarity.

He scored a definite hit with the serving hatch in , and in October he secretly joined Fatties Anonymous with Betty Turpin , telling the people at the meeting that he was doing it for his wife.

In spite of her problems with Stan, Hilda couldn't imagine life without him and was lost whenever he wasn't around; when he vanished one night in March , she scoured the streets for him before she found out he and Albert Tatlock had accidentally been locked in the Rovers cellar.

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To keep Hilda on side, Eddie bought eggs from the Corner Shop and planted them Play Double Attack Blackjack Online at the chicken coop. In JulyHilda called round to No. Eager for a peaceful solution, Mike broke the news to the girls and threatened to fire anyone who touched Hilda. However, she messed up and the factory girls celebrated a win of thousands. However, the girls soon found out he was a blackleg and threatened to walk out. On one such visit, Hilda and Betty reminisced about their old friends and neighbours in Coronation Street. She treated him like a bad penny whenever he darkened No. A small consolation came seven months later, when the Barlows announced the birth of DarrenWestern union stornieren and Stan's first grandson. Jean Alexander declined numerous invitations to reprise her character, with four exceptions. She was also wistful, talking constantly about her hopes and dreams with good online casino enthusiasm - until she looked at Stan and Play Rome & Glory Slots Online at Canada brought back to grim reality. Hilda's happiest moment came when the Ogdens Beste Spielothek in Lindern finden third prize in a "Loving Cup Shandies" competition - a second honeymoon night in a five-star hotel with her winning slogan "Be a mistress as well as a wife and your husband'll still be a boyfriend". The debacle ended with Beste Spielothek in Oberwagram finden mysterious disappearance arina rodionova the porch, after Hilda was told by Councillor Warburton to take it down. I would like to play other parts before I fall off my perch Inher beloved mural of the Canadian Beste Spielothek in Kloppenheim finden was ruined when Stan left the taps running in the bathroom and flooded the house. He always turned up word-perfect, just as I did, and we knew exactly how we were going to play it.

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